Consumer Reports | Yahoo! Mail Beta upgrade adds features, storage

From Consumer Reports:

Yahoo! Mail Beta upgrade adds features, storage
May 26, 2011 4:25 PM

Yahoo! Mail now sports some new features: The upgrade, called Yahoo! Mail Beta, includes faster load times and better spam filters, and pictures and video links have thumbnail previews. In addition, some social networking features have appeared: Subscribers can now send and receive Facebook and Twitter updates via Yahoo! Mail.

The revamped service can now handle up to 100MB attachments. It’s offering “unlimited storage” as well.

One notable feature integrated in the upgrade is from a startup called Project Slice. All My Purchases (also a free application) aggregates your electronic receipts and online purchases, as well as shipping information and details. It basically serves as a storage house for all information concerning your purchases.

Yahoo! News had this to say about Yahoo! Mail’s makeover: “The faded Internet search star has been redefining itself as a ‘premier digital media company’ after forming an alliance with Microsoft to have Bing handle online queries at Yahoo! web pages.”

Yahoo! launches email service overhaul [Yahoo]
Yahoo upgrades its email for everyone, puts Facebook updates and tweets in your inbox [Engadget]

—Maggie Shader

From Consumer Reports:


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