VentureBeat | Big names back Project Slice’s smarter shopping inbox

by Anthony Ha / May 26, 2011

From: VentureBeat

project slice

A new startup called Project Slice wants to make all those receipts in your email inbox genuinely useful. Similar to what Mint does for your personal finances, what TripIt does for your travel plans, and what services like Manilla do for your bills, the Palo Alto, Calif. company aims to make it easier to actually see all of your purchase information in one place, rather than struggling to find it on the right website or email.

Project Slice offers the service through both an embedded application in Yahoo Mail (which should help the company get in front of lots of eyeballs quickly) and through its own Slice Web application, which is currently invite-only beta testing. So the company says users will be able to easily track shipping, bring up a merchant’s customer service and return information, and see all of their purchases — not just the store where they made the purchase, but what they actually bought.

Slice can also aggregate all of your online purchase history with specific businesses, including popular retailers like and daily deals sites, like Groupon. The company says the service is powered by a “sophisticated semantic parsing infrastructure that enables us to extract and organize item level purchase information from multiple merchants and receipt formats.”

Project Slice also announced that it has raised $9.4 million from DCM, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Bebo co-founder Michael Birch, Floodgate (the fund from Digg and Twitter investor Mike Maples), Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, and Rick Thompson.


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