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Your e-shopping history, consolidated and accessible


 14th June 2011 in Life Hacks.
Anyone who’s ever bought anything online knows that a parade of emails tends to follow such purchases — including critical information that will have to be retrieved later in the event of a return or other subsequent follow-up. Much the way Danish Garanti Hotel offers a centralized place to keep electronic product warranties safe and organized, so Project Slice aims to bring a similar solution to order-confirmation emails and other e-commerce documents. Now in invitation-only beta, California-based Slice was inspired by the difficulty of finding all the e-commerce receipts and other emails that inevitably get lost in the shopper’s inbox. Accordingly, every time a user of the free services makes a purchase, it automatically retrieves all the key information from the associated email receipts and stores it safely in one place. The result is that users can then simply log into Slice — or use its already-launched All My Purchases app within Yahoo! Mail — and see what they’ve bought, what’s in transit, and how long they have to return “that shirt that isn’t quite the shade of blue you thought it was,” as the site puts it.Scott Brady, Project Slice’s CEO and cofounder, explains: “Our vision is to become the standard for helping consumers organize all of their purchases. Consumers are faced with a literal crush of information about what they buy, but have no simple way to make use of that information when they need it. We’re making it easy to cut through the clutter and put the post-purchase information you need right at your fingertips.”Project Slice recently announced the completion of its Series A financing of USD 9.4 million, with investment from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, among others. What e-commerce pain points could your brand alleviate for consumers?Website: www.projectslice.com
Contact: hello@projectslice.com

Spotted by: Katherine Noyes

 From http://www.springwise.com/life_hacks/projectslice/

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