VentureBeat | Slice brings its ecommerce tracking smarts to Gmail

by Chikodi Chima

Shopping-tool startup Slice is available for for Gmail users today, the company announced, which opens up the ecommerce tracking tool to an additional 200 million users worldwide.

Previously available for Yahoo Mail users, Slice helps shoppers track their purchases from checkout, to their doorstep in one central location, as opposed to having to comb through their inbox for information about each purchase from sites like, eBay and Groupon.

Slice is available as a standalone website now at

“Today’s online shoppers are provided with every convenience imaginable, but once they complete checkout, the post-purchase phase of the shopping process can be a complete mess,” said Project Slice CEO, Scott Brady. “As we move further into an era of digital receipts, the time is right to track and organize what we buy across the Web in a better way.”

Slice makes it easy to locate  relevant information such as the tracking number for packages, the purchase amount, or the customer service number, in case there is anything wrong. and OneReceipt are two competitors that are also doing ecommerce tracking for the inbox.

The company is also releasing a price drop feature for Gmail and Yahoo Mail users that notifies customers when the price has fallen on an item they have previously purchased.

The video below demonstrates the Yahoo Mail integration of Slice, which today has come to Gmail as well.

The Slice team is based in Palo Alto, and its backers include DCMLightspeed Venture PartnersMichael Birch,  FLOODGATEInnovation Endeavors , and Rick Thompson.


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