CNN Money | 7 Must-Have Black Friday apps

by Laurie Segall


If you’re more excited about Cyber Monday than Black Friday, check out Slice, an organize-your-orders app tailored for online shoppers.

Turn Slice loose on your e-mail inbox and it will ferret out all of your purchases and start tracking them. Using shipping numbers, it will find out where your items are and when they’re scheduled to be delivered — and it will plot in-transit goods on U.S. map, so you can stalk your packages across their shipping route. You can opt in for a push notification when items are delivered.

“I’ve got family that lives around the country. I order products, I ship them and I hope they’ll get there,” Slice CEO Scott Brady says of his holiday shipping approach. With Slice, “I now know exactly what I ordered and exactly when it’s going to arrive.”

Slice also organizes and analyzes your purchase history. A word of warning: iTunes junkies might prefer not to know just how much they’ve spent there over the years. The site specially built a filter that lets you hide your iTunes and Netflix habits.


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