Netted | It’s in the Mailbag

April 11, 2012

It’s in the Mailbag

Track Every E-Commerce Order You Make with Slice

We’ve often asked ourselves: Does online shopping get any better than having a 50-percent-off six-pack of ultra soft toilet paper delivered right to your door?

Until we found Slice, we didn’t think it did.

But one look at the e-purchase organizer and we were sold (no pun intended). The app syncs with Gmail and Yahoo! accounts to scan order and shipment confirmations and compile an organized list of every purchase you’ve made along with a map of where current shipments are right now.

The site also catalogues your transactions, giving you easy access to purchase history, receipts, and return options. Use the Slice & Dice tool for a bird’s-eye view of your spending habits, complete with a pie chart depicting favorite merchants and shopping categories.

For tracking on the go, Slice has Android and iPhone apps available for free.

In other words, it’s flush with possibility.


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