AppAdvice | You Spent How Much On iTunes This Month?


BY BRYAN M. WOLFE on Thu July 12th, 2012 slice – shopping organized

You Spent How Much On iTunes This Month?

Slice – Shopping Organized 2.0 for the iPhone/iPod touch is now available in the App Store. The free app keeps track of your online purchases so you don’t have to. The result is a unique way to see where your hard-earned dollars go each month.

First released in November, Slice scans your emails for purchase and shipping receipts. It then uses this information to show you where your money goes by category and also alerts you when your most recent purchases are to be shipped.

And yes, once these items are shipped, Slice tracks them to your door through FedEx, UPS, or another carrier.

New features

With Slice 2.0, you can now add tracking information for those packages without an email footprint.

For example, you may want to use this feature to track shipment returns or a gift you’re expecting from a friend.

To do so, just type in the tracking number or, easier still, use your iPhone to scan the shipping barcode on an outbound package with Slice’s new barcode reader.

Other new features include:

Personal Finance — Made Fun: Are you a Jetsetter, Bargain Hunter or Gadget Geek? Slice’s new personal finance features finds your unique shopping fingerprint — giving you instant insight into where, and how, you spend your cash. Designed specifically for mobile, Slice’s personal analytics gives you easy-to-digest financial info in a fun way.

Hello iCloud, AOL and Hotmail: iCloud, AOL and Hotmail users can now join their Yahoo! and Gmail counterparts in enjoying all that Slice has to offer.

Guest Account: Want to give Slice’s package tracking a quick try before creating an account? Simply download the app, enter in the packages being shipped and Slice will keep track of them for you as they travel to your doorstep.

Slice - Shopping Organized 2.0

Slice – Shopping Organized 2.0

According to Scott Brady, CEO and co-founder of Slice:

With the latest update, we’ve taken advantage of the native capabilities of iPhone and iPod Touch to paint a picture of your shopping habits in a fun, interactive way. Additional features such as Push Notifications, support for iCloud and barcode scanning turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a true handheld shopping assistant.

As someone who hates keeping track of spending, Slice looks promising. Still, do I really want to know how much I spend each month through iTunes? Indeed I probably should.

For more shopping app options for on your iPhone, be sure to check out our Shopping Lists report. You may also want to check out our 2011 iPhone Apps For Holiday Shopping On The Go! guide, which is still relevant.

Slice 2.0 is available now in the App Store.

Are you ready to add up all of those receipts?



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