NerdTraveler | Top Apps to Make Your Commute More Productive


Admit it: you waste a good deal of your day going to and from work. It takes a lot of time to travel from home to work (and to dinner and to the kids’ daycare and to the grocery store). So NerdWallet found these top apps to help you streamline your day, wherever you are.

Weather Watcher: WeatherMob
Want to check out the weather before heading to work? WeatherMob streams local weather updates live, so nothing can surprise you. You can see videos, photos and comments about the weather from other users so you know exactly what to expect before you head out the door.

Online Purchases Tracker: Slice
Use your commute time to save money—and time—by tracking your online purchases through this app. You can see where all your packages are on one map so you don’t have to find every tracking number and enter them one by one. You can even get notifications of your packages’ movements. Slice keeps records of all your previous purchases if you need to return or exchange an item later. And there’s a function that shows where you spend your money so you can budget better.

To-Do List Organizer: Fetchnotes
Fetchnotes isn’t only a note-taking application. It’s a smart note-taking app that works like Twitter. Fetchnotes lets you organize your notes through hashtags so you can click on “#todo” or “#Monday” to find your to-do list or that brilliant thought you had last Monday. Want to make sure your kids get a memo? Send a message “@Emily” to make sure they get it. Fetchnotes makes your life easier to manage through smart to-do lists.

Book Club Facilitator: Readmill
Want to join a reading club but just have no time? It’s ok—Readmill has you covered. Make the most of your commute time by creating a virtual reading group through your iPad. You can read your ebooks with Readmill or through Kindle. Just sync your Kindle with the Readmill app! You can highlight and distribute specific passages, ask questions or share your thoughts. You can even interact with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr friends through the app.

Social Planner: Hatch Plans
It’s getting harder and harder to make plans with groups of people. Everyone prefers a different digital platform, so there’s that one guy who doesn’t have a Twitter and the other girl who never checks Facebook. Get on Hatch Plans and call it a day. Make a plan (date, time, place and event), and automatically share it through all your social media channels. Can’t decide? Friends can suggest events for everyone to vote on. It coordinates your plans for you so you don’t spend time playing phone tag.

Social Media Manager: Pictarine
No time to go on all your social media accounts? Don’t worry, Pictarine’s got you covered. Pictarine streams pictures from your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Flickr accounts so there’s no need to worry about missing something on any platform. You can comment on and share photos directly through Pictarine. Only drawback? Pictarine is unfortunately only available on Android right now.

Audio News Reporter: SoundGecko 
Use your commute to catch up on the latest news. SoundGecko converts any web article into an audio file. Nifty, right? Find articles on-line, email the links to (or use the handy Chrome extension) and use the iPhone app to access the audio file on your drive home. It’s like a customized podcast with stuff you want to listen to.

Address Book Keeper: Brewster
Like any good address book, Brewster lets you add phone numbers, emails and addresses. Where Brewster goes above and beyond is that it adds social media. Just add your Facebook, Twitter and/or Google accounts, and Brewster populates your address book for you. You can even save personal information, like favorite bands, sports teams and restaurants. It even has nifty lists to tell you who you contact the most and who you’re losing touch with. Perfect for catching up on the go.

Online Bill Payer: Manilla
Pay your bills—on your commute. No, I’m not telling you to bring all your statements and on-line pay on the bus. That’s crazy talk. Just go on Manilla! Manilla links all your bills and accounts into one account so you can pay everything in one place. It reminds you when your bills are due and organizes all your previous statements so you need to find something later on. So ditch the paper bills and make your life easier.
Now that you’re armed with these apps, there’s no excuse for wasting your commute time. Be productive and organize the rest of your life instead of dozing on the train. You may be surprised at how much you got done before you even get to the office.

What do you do on your commute? Share with us in the comments!

Edited: We had to take out CityPockets because we just found out it has closed down. It was a great app, and we shall miss it terribly.



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