CNN | Cyber Monday Expected to Set Records

Mario Armstrong
November 26, 2012

A lot of people are struggling in this economy. They want to be able to shop. They need their money to be stretched out. Cyber Monday is a good deal. I’m not a big super fan of consumerism. I would rather people create things than just buy things, but if you are going to shop today toad is a good day. App wills help you.

One that I love if you are going to shop on-line is called Slice. Now, Slice is all about helping you, Suzanne, track all of your shipping and receipts in one app. It’s free. How this works is last year I bought gifts for family and friends. I would have those gifts send to different locations. I wanted one app that I could search for all of that shipping. I knew exactly when products would arrive and if they did already all in one app, and if I had a return or an issue I could go to app and find a right, and I would have to dig all through that e-mail to find it.


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