KUTV | Tips For Cyber Monday Shopping


November 26, 2012

KUTV.com | Stories - Tips For Cyber Monday Shopping
Monday, November 26 2012, 08:18 AM MST

Tips For Cyber Monday Shopping (CNN) Black Friday can be too much for many consumers to handle. Lucky for them, the next big day on the retailer calendar can be enjoyed from a desk or even on the couch.

CNN’s Karin Caifa has some advice on holiday shopping for Cyber Monday.

If Black Friday crowds and chaos weren’t your style, you may fare better with Cyber Monday.

A survey of retailers finds that more than ever will offer Cyber Monday deals, aiming for the 72 million Americans who say they’ll do some holiday shopping from the office this year.

Tips when shopping online:

1. Confirm a website is secure before entering any information. Look for an “S” after “HTTP” in the URL.

2. Paying with a credit card will offer more protection than debit.

3. Check statements regularly to make sure the only charges are ones you’ve made.

4. Keep record of order confirmations and receipts with a designated folder in your inbox or with an app like “Slice.”

Speaking of apps, retailers officially adopted the Cyber Monday moniker in 2005, and seven years later, it may be time for a name change –with a boom in mobile and consumers shopping from smartphones and tablets.

A reminder for those who shop on the go:

1. Don’t use public Wi-Fi, only secure connections.

2. Lock devices with a password so data is protected even when your phone is out of your hands.

3. Work within apps from trusted sources.

Adding another incentive for Cyber Monday shopping, the National Retail Federation says about four in ten retailers will offer free shipping, with no conditions attached.


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