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Dani Dials

November 26, 2012

Facebook App Coupons, & Tech

MOBILE, Ala. – More shoppers than ever are shopping from smartphones and tablets. In case you’re shopping on the go this Cyber Monday, here are some reminders:

  • Make sure the site is safe before entering your information. Check for an “s” after “h-t-t-p” in the url.
  • Paying with a credit card will offer more protections than debit.
  • Check your statements to make sure the only charges are the ones you’ve made.
  • Keep a record of your order confirmations and receipts.

Try downloading the ” Slice ” app for help keeping up with your receipts. Don’t use public wi-fi. Instead, only use secure connections, and lock your device with a password.

If you’re a coupon clipper, there’s a new Facebook app for that.  The top coupon site in the U.S., RetialMeNot , recently launched it’s Facebook app that recommends coupons based off of your Facebook likes and interests, hoping to mostly update you with coupons you’ll actually use. There’s even an alert feature that lets you know when your favorite stores have discounts.

Could a robot be your next personal lifestyle coach? The makers of a new dieting robot called Autom would hope so. The Autom robot takes in your information and details about what you eat, and then gives motivation and advice to help you reach your goal.

Shipping starts in about six months, but you can order now at .

That’s your Daily Tech.


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