JailbreakStation | Manage your Online Spending and Purchases to save Money with Free App


After a research this was concluded that if we keep track of our expenses and purchases then we can better control our extra spending and easily save money. By keeping track of our spending we can easily control whether we have to spend money on these UN-necessary items or not. Today is the era of technology and it is not a good idea to write down our expenses and income in a diary so for convenient and ease many different free online websites are available that do this for you. For example Mint.com is free personal finance and budget management website that manage all your debit, credit card purchases, food expenses and utility bills but this service is not enough and not very helpful for every one.

A very good and excellent iphone personal finance free app is available that is Slice. Slice is one of the best iPhone personal finance management app for every one who want to save money and want to keep record of expenses and spending.iPhone Slice App

How iPhone Personal Finance Slice app Works:

It is very easy to use the slice personal finance app, you can include both online and offline expenses in iphone slice app. if you received the emails of confirmations from the bank or PayPal or any source then you can give slice permission to check your inbox and add the confirmation emails to slice account automatically. So iPhone slice app is able to identify and add in-self any type of account details i.e. date of purchase, quantity, from where you buy and much more. You can check your account details on your iPhone, android phone and on Pc using the slice app. Slice app allowed you to check the details on weekly bases, monthly bases and yearly bases.

iPhone Personal Finance Slice app:iPhone Slice App

Slice database by default support the purchase of famous merchants i.e. “Amazon, eBay and much more”. If you give slice the permission to check your confirmation receipt then slice will automatically add the purchases from these stores and if slice unable to properly identify any purchase then you can add that one manually. You can add more than one emails address in iPhone slice app if you receive confirmations on different email address. iPhone Slice app did not immediately update the account information’s after you make a purchase, its database is updated after 15 minutes so don’t worry if you not receive any update immediately. iPhone Slice app is one of the best personal finance app that allowed you to control your extra spending and save your income from wasting. To see more details about this iphone personal finance app click here Slice.


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