SheFinds | The 5 Best Deal Apps, Straight From Our Resident ‘CheapsKate’

April 10, 2013

Katelyn Holland
Slice App

Slice: You’re on this website, so chances are you are a big online shopper. And that means you NEED this app. I’m not even being dramatic. Just connect the app to the email account(s) where you send your merchant notifications, and it does the work from there. It processes the emails and organizes and keeps track of all your online purchase. I make a lot of online purchases, and sometimes I forget what is coming when. This app keeps track of your order and the status of your package. Slice saves you money by letting you know when one of the items you bought drops in price and tells you if you are eligible for a price adjustment from the merchant.  The app also backs up e-receipts so it makes for easy returns, exchanges and warranty claims. The only downside is that it makes you realize how much stuff you order online!


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