LifeHacker | Pack for Android 2013: Our List of the Best Android Apps

There’s no shortage of great Android apps, and because the ecosystem is so popular (and growing!) there are more worth looking at every day. In our fourth annual Lifehacker Pack for Android, we’re highlighting the best apps to help you stay connected, stay informed, stay productive, and get things done.


The Extended Pack

Lifehacker Pack for Android 2013: Our List of the Best Android AppsSlice

Part package tracking tool and part shopping organizer, Slice hooks into your email account and watches for order confirmation emails from online stores you shop with. It processes those order confirmations for you, keeps track of how much you’re spending where, and notifies you on your phone when your items ship, are out for delivery, or are delivered to your home or office. You can track your packages at any time, review past orders, or get a single view of all of the online shopping you’ve done at multiple retailers in one secure view, which is great if you buy almost everything online (or it’s the holiday season).


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