InTheCapital | 7 Money Apps That’ll Make Paying Off Your Student Debt a Whole Lot Easier

September 20th 2013

The cost to attend a university has increased by more than 1,000% over the past three decades, which certainly goes to show you how expensive higher education can be nowadays. Despite the overwhelming expense, though, students continue to go to college, accumulating on average $27,000 of loan debt, which nationwide adds up to the ridiculous sum of $1 trillion. Clearly it’s a hefty burden to have student loans weighing on your mind while trying to make enough money to ensure you’re not stuck under loads of bills for the next 10, 20, even 30 years, so to help you out we’ve come up with a list of the trusty financial apps we love to use to curb our spending habits. Cheers to getting out of student debt in a faster, stress-free way.

6. Slice – An online shopper’s best friend, Slice helps you keep track of your purchase information with real-time tracking data. You’re shopping history is available at your fingertips with this app, which offers insight on your shopping style and spending habits as well. Then there’s the fact that you have access to a list of everything you’ve bought with receipts included. Have a nasty shopping habit? This app’s the perfect way to help you cut down on your splurges.


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