| 6 Money-Saving Apps for Holiday Shopping

6 Money-Saving Apps for Holiday Shopping

by Laynie Rose

November 27, 2013

Bargain hunters rejoice: Whether you’re shopping in stores or online, these apps will help you snag the season’s best deals


Available for: iPhone

You don’t want to pay full price, but you don’t have time to hunt for sales. Enter Hukkster. Find the perfect gift online and save it to your list of must-haves by pressing “Hukk it” in the app. Hukkster will notify you the second it goes on sale—no catalog searching or doorbusting required.


Available for: iPhone

If you plan to do any of your holiday shopping online, sign up for eBates before you hit the keyboard. An online purchase at any one of the 1,600 retailers partnered with eBates earns you cash back on the sale. The app also offers a price comparison tool and coupon codes for use at checkout.


Available for: iPhone and Android

With RedLaser, you’ll never have to worry that you could have gotten a better deal if only you’d shopped around. After a quick scan of the item’s barcode, RedLaser tells you if you should head to the checkout line or if the store down the street has a better price.


Available for: iPhone and Android

If you’re willing to pay full price for the perfect gift but you’d like to wait a week or so to see if the price drops, ShopAdvisor is happy to remind you to check the price again at a later date. You can also tell it to “watch” an item and notify you when it hits a predetermined price you’re willing to pay.


Available for: iPhone and Android

This app boasts an impressive skill set: It can track your shipments, notify you of a price drop on a recently purchased item (you may be eligible for cash back from the retailer), store your receipts and alert you if there’s a recall on one of your purchases. We’re expecting the next update to brew our coffee.

Available for: iPhone and Android

All of the coupons, none of the clipping. You can save coupons within the app and scan them straight from your phone when you’re ready to check out. You can also load coupons to your store loyalty cards and save automatically when you check out.


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