Fox Houston | Apps for Returns

Apps for Returns

by Fox Houston

December 26, 2013

Market: Houston, TX (10)
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…your full seven day forecast. all right. thanks for tracking that. it’s not over at the malls just yet after the busy holiday shopping season comes the holiday return rush. and many retailers have adopted stricter return policies or changed the policies you may be used to. you can find that information at your fingertips now thanks to technology. our tech expert ashley small is here with how your smartphone can help with your gift returns today. i’ve got mine. you’ve got yours. i’ve got mine. the first ap we’l talk about is slice . it allows you to store all of your receipts while shopping. you’l never lose a receipt agai. this is what we’re looking at? yes. it allows you to review the return policy for hundreds of stores and allows you to know when you’re about to miss your deadline and gives you a notification so you don’t miss those. is it easy to navigate? it’s very simple. it’s free. i love the word free. after all the holiday shopping. all right. next app what i love about this you can set notifications. you’re always reminded before your deadline is up. if you have 30 days, you’ll get a notification 15 days. even the day before. you have one more day. you better return this item and get your money back. that’s what’s great about this. it keeps you in the know of your store policies. we have a lot of stuf going on. we’re talking about a lot of things mentally. it’s good to have an app to remind us. the last one is a usps, a post office app . what i love about this, while you can shop online, returning is not always free. this allows you to estimate a weight for your items and it will give you a cost of how much it will cost if you have to send that back. very nice. anything else you want for tell us about these apps, for somebody who may not know how to navigate? what will be the easiest? slice . it’s a little more sophisticated and beautifully designed. they’re all easy to use. the slice has hundreds of stores in it. i would go with slice . are there any other apps we should know about? these are the top ones, especially the ones that are free. they’re the most comprehensive. this is it. slice , return guru and the usps office. the easiest, free and anyone can download them. yes. iphone, android, ipad. we’ll send it back to michelle in the studio. >>>…

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